The fix to making bad choices is...


[vimeo id="98759894"] Knowing what you want.

Don Miller posted a great blog about how knowing what you want will guard you from making bad choices. The idea immediately resonated with me because it’s very similar to the idea of knowing your divine design. Once we understand our divine design we discover our purpose and ultimately what we want in life. I believe this is the key that will distinguish the right choices from the wrong choices that come along our life journey.

If we don’t know our purpose, we will put ourselves in a place of temptation to make poor decisions.

This is similar to mission drift in organizations. When a company does not know their direction or lacks leadership to set the vision, they become disoriented and loose sight of what they need to fulfill. Similarly, when people don’t know their purpose, they will make sporadic and unhealthy decisions and will cause them to not live in their full potential.

So how do we discover what we want in life? How do we discover our purpose?

Well, we must reflect on the life that we’ve already lived. Think about your successes and victories, and all the things that you’re good at in life. What do others say about your strengths? What do they say are your qualities, gifts and talents?

The answers to these questions will be the guideposts that will begin to point to your purpose and reveal your divine design. Always solicit input from those closest to you. Your mentors, good friends and the people you do life with can see things that you cannot.

Once you discover your purpose, you will begin to discern between right and wrong choices. This will empower your decision-making at a whole new level and help develop the story you’re living in a powerful way.

Allow yourself to be flexible enough with your choices that you do not pass opportunities that could serve your ultimate purpose. You must take time to navigate each decision in order to make efficient progress. Seek to understand whether or not  the choice is something that will help you achieve your purpose and what you want in life.

I trust this post has encouraged you in your decision-making. Keep your divine design and your destination in mind when you’re making choices. What are your thoughts about this post? I’d love to hear from you, feel free to respond below. Have a great day!