God does not work on your timetable


[vimeo id="92255878"] Imagine this: you feel that God has laid a burden on your heart for a cause, an issue, or something that breaks your heart. You might be pursuing it with all your heart, mind, body and soul, but nothing seems to be happening or falling into place. You might start thinking that you were wrong to pursue this passion or you feel that God simply is distant, silent and does not care. You might even begin to doubt what you’ve set out to accomplish.

If you’re finding yourself in this spot, I think there’s a timely message that you need to hear and it is that:

God does not work on your timetable.

You see, too often, especially as young people, we feel that our lives don’t move fast enough. This feeling may be caused by several elements in our culture like the movies and TV shows we watch. Sometimes I think that these have ruined our sense of reality, because rarely do these performers miss a beat in the course of the story. But little do we know that these actors and actresses probably had to take ten or twenty takes on the scene before it was ‘perfect’.

We’ve grown to think that our path in life should follow some arbitrary perfect, flawless streamline of events that are exact in their timing and positioning.

The truth is that life does not work like that, and neither does God. He operates on a completely different level. The Bible makes it clear that His ways are higher than our ways and that no one can even imagine the plans that He has for us. Many times God allows us to go through difficulties and challenges to grow and develop our divine design so that we can better serve Him in the future. God wants us to be equipped and ready for the next phase and mission that He is bringing about in our lives, and He does this according to His perfect timetable.

We may think we’re ready to be president, or the pastor of a mega church or some other position that we believe God planted in our hearts and minds. However, God sees things differently; he operates according to His plan which He is unveiling through each phase of our divinely designed journey – and we have the privilege to discover it. Through it all, He is preparing you for the next thing. Don’t give up on that passion and keep pursuing it.

So, stay encouraged. God is in control – you’re not. Let that be an encouraging thought.

How is God shaping you through His timetable? I’d love to hear from you; feel free to respond on my blog. Have a great day!