“God’s work” vs. “a real job”

One thing I admire about this generation of university students is their passion to make an impact in the world. However, the desire to do something “more” has created a tension for many students when it comes to choosing between “God’s work” and a “real job.” This is a relevant issue that many students struggle with. The trend among university students, especially at Christian universities, is leading them to question whether they made the right decision on what to study in school. Many students are switching their majors from a general marketplace degree to religion because they can’t see how any vocation could be more fulfilling or useful than ministry.

A few weeks ago, I read a fascinating article from RELEVANT Magazine that explained why choosing between “God’s work” and a “real job” doesn’t have to be tricky business. While I highly encourage any student struggling with this question to read the article, there was one primary idea that will help relieve some of the pressure of the decision:

When we have a proper understanding of God’s design for work, we realize that we can fulfill this desire to do “God’s work” no matter what job we accept.

The article shares some valuable insights into the dilemma between “God’s work” versus a “real job,” with the idea that any work can be considered “God’s work” if we have the right perspective. The fact is that God has designed all of us uniquely with many different gifts, talents and abilities to be used wherever He calls us. When we have this new perspective, there is no distinction between the ministry and the marketplace. Both become part of a larger category: God’s work.

If you’re struggling to discern your path between “God’s work” and getting a “real job,” I highly encourage you to check out the post and be honest in the way you answer the questions that are asked.

The truth is that the general marketplace needs you and your passion for Christ just as much as a church or other nonprofit might. The key is to maintain pure motives and a spirit that’s willing to go wherever God may lead.

Have you ever struggled to decide between doing “God’s work” and getting a “real job”? What questions did you have? How did you work through it?