Going the extra mile in the workplace


[vimeo id="120191669"] As Christ-followers, we should always be at the top of whatever field we work in. We should expect excellence from ourselves on a consistent basis. This isn’t just a personal belief – it’s a Biblical belief. Jesus commands the disciples to “Go the extra mile.” Most of us might be content to just meet expectations, but Jesus raises the bar and says, “surprise them by your excellence.” John Maxwell posted on this topic recently on his blog. Here are a couple of things he points out along with my own thoughts.

First, don’t rely on your reputation. You’ve probably seen the disclaimer: “Past performance does not guarantee future results.” Your reputation is the acknowledgment of your past performance. The danger is that we become so focused on our reputation that we invest little energy into its continued growth. “Don’t just protect your reputation for good work. Do better work.” Build your reputation with your consistent output of excellence.

Second, don’t rely on relationships. You have a project you need to complete for someone you know, but you don’t put the same effort or concentration as you usually do towards it because “it’s only so-and-so, and we’re friends so they’ll understand.” Being friends with people is not an excuse for a lack of effort. In fact, if you’re doing a project for a friend and do it poorly, it certainly will not build your relationship. In fact, it will destroy your relationship. It’s a bad deal every time. Whether it’s a friend or a client or both, go the extra mile every time. Let your excellence be very visible in what you do.

Third, don’t expect unearned respect. What you did yesterday does not automatically entitle you for respect today. It’s an ongoing process. Each day is a new day with new opportunities with new tasks. Each morning must start with a renewed determination to earn respect through exceeding people’s expectations. Just because we did well in the past, doesn’t mean that we get a pass today. We need to strive for excellence with each new day.

Thanks for joining me today. I hope you find this encouraging and empowering to commit to exceeding expectations each day. Please feel free to share some thoughts and comments below. I would love to hear from you! Thanks again! Have a great day!