Why it’s good to run churches like businesses


[vimeo id="108269791"] Justin Lathrop wrote an article called, “Why it’s good to run a church like a business.” Now I know that some of you may already be thinking that this is a bad idea and hate the thought of business and church together, but maybe that’s why you should read this post. You see, I believe that if you implement business principles into the way you handle your church’s organization, I know you’ll see some great benefits and you won’t feed the stereotypes.

Here they are:

First, by implementing business principles to ministry, you will be seen as a responsible leader. People don’t want a leader who is ruled by their emotions. They want to know that you will take care of your responsibilities as well as be a good spiritual leader. This is essential to stewardship. Ministry leaders need to always remember that they’re stewards of what God has given them. This means becoming a good financial leader and as well as an administrator. Big outreaches and events do not just happen – they’re planned and executed with excellence. Knowing how to buy new properties is also essential. If your church is growing, you need to know how to negotiate good deals so that your church gets a fair deal. In others words, ministry leaders need to be street-smart. 

Second, by implementing business principles to your ministry, it will be more sustainable. When you implement healthy systems for how you run things, people will stay longer. Also, when you put time and effort into setting something up the right way, it will last long after you leave. Running different ministry programs takes work and dedication, but if the groundwork is well thought-out the systems will be sustainable. Make them simple and make them clear. Remember, that complexity is the enemy transparency and sustainability. Have the process clearly thought-out and it will last. Also, make sure the programs aren’t too rigid. What I means is to make them flexible enough to handle future growth. You’ll need to make some adjustments with change. Business do this all the time – they keep it simple.

Third, by implementing business principles to your ministry, you’ll take care of your people.  This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you take care of all the systems and the structures of the church, you’ll be taking care of your people and you’ll have more time to actually take care of your people! Meaning now you can spend time meeting with them, counseling, preaching, teaching and well, leading! Not only that, but once things are running well, you can dream new dreams and think of new vision for the future. You will be able to create new goals and challenges for the church.

Thanks for checking out my blog today. I trust you were encouraged by these thoughts. If you have other follow up ideas, please feel free to respond below. Have a great day!