Great answers require great questions


[vimeo id="120191008"] As a teacher and university president, I know the value of asking the right questions. Often times, we spend our lives trying to find the answers to the wrong questions. It’s like a History professor asking a Math question on a test. In the same way, we can’t learn life lessons from mistakes if we’re going to ask the wrong questions? Mark Sanborn recently wrote about this topic and posed some questions you should ask yourself to create the life you desire. Here are just a few of them along with some of my own thoughts.

First, ask yourself “Why do I get out of bed in the morning?” In other words, what motivates you? This is the first question you have to answer each day, but you need to have the answer before each day. “What is going on today that motivates me to not press the ‘snooze’ button?” It could be as simple as not wanting to feel lazy. One of the things that motivates me is knowing that each day is a gift and I want to make the most of it. If you’re struggling with being motivated I encourage you to joy down some key ideas about your ideal day. Think about all the things that strike a chord with you. Maybe you’re a song-writer, an entrepreneur, a writer, a teacher or a pastor. Think through what an ideal day will look like for you, and go for it.

Second, ask yourself “What am I consistently doing?” Notice the emphasis here is on consistency. Anyone can shoot hoops once in a while, but that doesn’t make you a basketball player. What you do on a daily basis demonstrates your priorities. For example, a true mentor is someone who has a lifestyle of empowering others. Be a good steward of where you sow your time. If you sow most of it into worthless activities, you’ll receive a large harvest of worthless things. If you sow your time into productive activities, you’ll reap a lot better harvest. Ask yourself, “What activities would give me the best return if I started them and kept doing them consistently?” Once you figure it out, make it a part of your routine.

Third, ask yourself “What do I want my legacy to be?” Another way of asking this is, “what permanent impact do I want to have in the world?” Think about the ways that the world will be different because you are here. Remember, we’ve all been created with purpose. You’re not just on earth to take up space. You have been given an opportunity to leave a legacy and now is the time to start building it. This is the thing that makes you want to get out of bed. This is what you want to invest your life into. Make it your purpose to have an impact for God in the world and start building your legacy for His glory.

I trust these questions will propel you forward on your journey to live out your Divine Design. Please share some of your stories or your own answers to these questions below. Thanks again for checking out my blog! Have a great day!