Growing Pains

[vimeo id="140968060"] Every leader loves seeing their organization grow. However, sometimes our growth can cause us to overlook internal problems. As long as the organization keeps on developing, we don’t notice these issues. It’s only when we experience those first pangs of growing pains that we begin to address problems inside our organization. Now those growing pains may not feel great, but every leader would tell you they’re a great sign! Here are a couple of things growing pains can tell a leader.

First of all, pain tells you that something’s wrong. When you see your business growth chart flat-lining, it can be a very painful experience. However it’s also a very useful experience because it prompts you to start asking questions. Are expenses rising too fast? Are we reaching fewer people? Is there something wrong in our organization’s culture? We’re prompted to ask these questions because of the growing pains. Our experience with a flat-lining growth chart ultimately leads us to make creative, innovative changes.

Secondly, pain gives you an opportunity for further growth. Once you’ve identified the root problem, you now have the chance to create dynamic change within your organization. Most growing pains are the result of your internal growth lagging behind your external growth. Many times we overlook the opportunities to create organic growth from within because we focus on developing outwardly. Growing pains keep us from expanding beyond what we can sustain so we can develop the capacity to grow even more in the future.

Lastly, pain helps you actually make the change. People and organizations only change when it’s more painful not to. As leaders, many times we don’t take advantage of increasing our capacity to be effective because we haven’t seen the need for it. We don’t want to deal with changing our organization. We don’t want the cost of new buildings or equipment until we actually start feeling those growing pains. It’s those growing pains that make us more willing to actually create the necessary internal change.

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