Guarding your character in leadership


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There’s a lot of talk about leadership these days. Most people talk about character, integrity, transparency and array other admirable qualities that all leaders need. Today, I want to highlight a few ideas from a blog by Michael Hyatt about how to maintain the right posture in your character as you lead. Leadership can cause us to be distracted from time to time which opens us up to failures that could otherwise be avoided.

Here’s a few practical ways to staying grounded in our leadership.

First, start your day grounded in the things that matter. What I mean is this, start your day with a quiet time. When we acknowledge God in all our ways and recognize Him as the source of everything we have, we are being humbled. We’re reminded that all we have could be taken away in a moments notice, and all we have has been given to us. By recognizing God and making Him number one, we’re developing a healthy groundwork to our day.

Second, read history and biographies. This is a discipline that I don’t hear too often, but it’s extremely valuable. When we read the biographies of people who have accomplished a great deal in life, we gain a deeper insight of their decision-making and daily routines that eventually helped them achieve their goals. Not only that, but they inspire us. We realize that they too have failed several times in their pursuits, but eventually reached their goals. Their stories build us up.

Third, fill your surroundings with good influence. Who do you spend your time with? What do you fill your mind with? What are you thinking about all day long? We have to be intentional about choosing good forces to influence us. When we allow corrupt and poor ideas to shape our mind and thought life, we will be in a weak position when we make decisions. If we fill our minds with the good things and forces that build us up, we will be empowered to make healthy choices. We will see much more clearly the right way to lead, speak, think and act. So choose your influencers well.

Well I trust these three points have encouraged you. Keep them in mind as you guard your leadership from poor influences. Make good choices in how you choose to be influenced. If you have any follow up thoughts, please feel free to let me know. Have a great day!