Happy Thanksgiving


[vimeo id="110615240"] I love Thanksgiving. It’s definitely one of my favorite holidays out of the year. I like it that we have a single holiday dedicated to expressing thanks and taking time to reflect on all the good things in our life. I got to thinking about all the great things in our journeys that we should be thankful for and the truth is that there’s just too many to count. This thought, however, did challenge me in a new way.

It reminded me to start being more grateful throughout the entire year. I thought about the power behind gratitude and living a grateful life everyday. Too often we get lost in the busyness of our weekly schedules and the stresses of all we do. Sometimes we let our struggles dictate the condition of our life and we might find ourselves a little ungrateful.

However, I think that if we can become intentional about cultivating a grateful attitude daily, we will discover our stress levels decreasing and our struggles growing smaller. Our lives are filled with things that we can be thankful for everyday. The good in our lives will overshadow the bad every time. What we need to do is focus on all the good and be thankful about them.

So as you celebrate this Thanksgiving season, I hope you will take the time to enjoy your family, friends, some good food and of course football. In this coming year, I challenge you to remember to make thankfulness a lifestyle. Become intentional about it.

The Bible teaches us in Ephesians 5:20 to give thanks to God in everything. Let’s remember that, as we journey forward in this life. Be always aware and always thankful.