There is so much I like about formal, structured education. There is a plan, process, and path to follow. The beginning, middle, and end are clearly defined. The problem with life is that it doesn't happen in nice, neat semesters. It happens all the time, every day, and in every moment. Life is messy, and sometimes it can feel confusing.

If you feel unsettled, here are five things to keep in mind.

Restlessness is part of life’s journey. If you ever feel settled, hang on because a disruption is coming. Shaking things up ensures you’re paying attention.

You’ll never arrive. Stop thinking life is some destination; it’s a journey. Enjoy it!

Don’t hang onto jobs, titles, or paychecks. Those things will change over time. Those are vehicles for you to learn about yourself and your divine design. They are simply a catalyst for your adventure.

You were made for more than one thing. Get it out of your head that you were created to do one thing. Culture, jobs, and market demands change over time. I’ve been a professional communicator my entire life. But how I did it as a sports broadcaster is very different than how I do it today as a university president.

Self-discovery always results in self-expression. The more you open yourself up to learning during every situation, circumstance, or opportunity, the more opportunities you’ll have to do and experience new things. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle.

I've been where you are. You want to know "the secret" that is holding you back from living a life of abundance, purpose, and blessing. You want to know at the end of your life that you left everything on the field. I do too.

You don’t need special powers to unlock your life’s greatest work. What you need is courage, perseverance, and determination. Life is not something to be conquered, mastered, or controlled. It is, however, a catalyst for growth, change, and learning. If the point is not to rush to the end, then the alternative is to fully immerse yourself in every twist and turn along the way.