Two words to launch your divine design journey


If you were to poll 100 people on whether or not they would want to discover their divine design to become the best version of themselves in every aspect of life, I believe every single one of them would say yes. After numerous conversations, however, I’ve found that some people are interested in finding their purpose but they’ve never experienced a catalyst. That’s the first stage of discovering your divine design, the one that launches their journey.

Without that catalyst, frustration builds and the desire to give up creeps in before you’ve even started. But what if there was a way to initiate that inciting action? What if we didn’t have to wait for a sign or for a motivating experience that leaves us no choice but to act? I think there is…

A while back, Donald Miller shared a post that has been one of the most formative resources for people looking to discover their divine design. In the post, Don shared the single most powerful question you can ask: “What if?”

Whether you’ve hit a dead end in your journey or you’re not even sure where to start, these two words have the potential to change everything. Here are some examples for how this question can move your forward:

● What if you spent next summer in Africa working with a mission’s organization?

● What if you quit your job?

● What if the person you met with last week was meant to be more than just an acquaintance?

● What if you started investing in the lives of younger leaders looking for wisdom?

● What if you finally acted on that idea you’ve been thinking about for so long?

While some of these questions might not resonate with you at all, if you get in the habit of regularly asking questions like them, at some point one will click. And your life may never look the same.

If you’re still waiting on a catalyst to launch your journey or you’ve reached a point where you now feel stuck, take some time to ask yourself, “What if?” Those two words might be just the thing you need to get moving from where you are today to where God wants you to be.

As Don explains, “Every good story begins with some form of this question, and so does every life.”

What if you took some time today to ask the question, “What if?” Do you think it could make a difference?