I Can Do It


[vimeo id="138787741"] You know, part of being an effective leader is taking hold of opportunities when they open up. However, sometimes we can take on a little more than we can handle. In our desire to challenge ourselves and be intentional about growing, we can actually inhibit our effectiveness as a leader. Here are three reasons it’s important to know when you can’t do it.

First, it creates an unsustainable lifestyle. You know, you may be able to add that extra project or workload now, but you can’t maintain that as a lifestyle. At some point, it catches up with either your health or the rest of your work. The problem with having so many balls in the air is that when you miss one, they all come crashing down. So develop the ability to decline a project when you know you can’t effectively complete it.

Secondly, it represses frustration which can hurt you later. When you take on more work than you can effectively deal with, it exhausts you emotionally. You become more irritable and are easily annoyed by the smallest things. In addition, there’s an underlying frustration that the person who gave you that work doesn’t understand you were already over-extended.

So what happens?

When things do come crashing down, you go on the defensive. All of that pent up frustration explodes. Of course, this makes a bad situation much worse. So be willing to say “no” when you honestly think your plate is already full.

Lastly, it inhibits the team’s success. You may think you’re doing the team a favor by taking on that extra task, but in reality, you’re stifling their growth. If you can’t effectively accomplish that task, you undermine the team’s success. But also, challenges are pivotal to a person’s growth. If you try to take all of the work, you keep the other team members from seizing opportunities for growth. So cultivate a real “team-spirit” that shares the workload and empowers every member to succeed!

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