[vimeo id="114885148"] Innovation is a big buzzword these days. When we think of companies that push into the unknown we might think of Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and several others. Other organizations that refuse to innovate and move their products into improved phases will eventually become irrelevant.

Harvard Business Review published an article that talked about the concept of innovation. They made interesting observations about how organizations make changing and innovating a priority. I’ll share a few of these ideas along with my own thoughts.

First, set the expectation that innovation will push the existing boundaries. This may seem like a no brainer, but I think we need to be reminded of the fact that innovation will upset existing norms. It will push your comfort zone and it will make you think, act, work and produce differently than what you’ve grown accustomed to do. The reason I bring this up is because many talk about innovation, but few understand the fact that it will transform your norms. Now I don’t mean that we throw out the baby with the bath water, but we definitely need to change the water from time to time. Innovation in your company doesn’t always need to involve a complete new line of products. It means we develop the ones we’ve already created.

Second, innovation can be simple. It can be a brainstorming session about how customers perceive the product and how its perception can be made even better. It can be rethinking the way your organization develops leadership training and mentorship programs. Whatever the idea is, it’s okay to start small and keep building on what is developed.

Third, give people the time and resources to actually do the job. It’s one thing to say that the company is going to innovate and another to actually give the resources to do so. Innovation takes times. It’s time consuming to research the different problems, solutions, clients and the markets to figure out the best way to innovate and move the company forward. In addition, this time to research and move innovation forward needs to be characterized by the fact that it is uninterrupted. There’s nothing worse than empowering people to do new things and then interrupting them as they begin to work.

Innovation gets organizations moving. Just make sure you get ready for the changes, start simply and give people the time and space to make innovations. Thanks for checking out my blog today. if you have any follow up thoughts, then please feel free to respond below. Have a great day!