Jon Foreman’s take on life callings


[vimeo id="91296915"] Relevant Magazine wrote a piece on Jon Foreman – the lead singer of the band Switchfoot – in which they interviewed him extensively on different topics. The band itself is a group of talented musicians and surfers that have made their music known as much in Christian circles as in secular circles. In the interview, Jon was asked a series of questions about his ideas on life, music and many other topics. One of the questions they asked Jon concerned the idea of calling and what it means to him. I like how Jon responded.

He said, I think the idea of calling is not a permanent thing, It’s gotta change from time to time.”

I couldn’t agree more with Jon. As soon as I listened to the interview, I thought immediately about the idea of divine design and how God is continually shaping and molding who we are to better serve in His purpose and plan. God brings us into new circumstances and opportunities constantly because He wants to use us in a different way. In other words, God drives your mission in different directions based on the situations and gifting He’s given you, and He may very well add to your abilities.

Jon brought some more context to the point he was making. He said, “I feel like calling has much more to do with the moment that you’re in. If you happen to be right there when a car accident happened, your calling is to make sure that everyone’s OK.”

I think Jon’s bottom line is that God wants us to be available to be used by Him in any given circumstance. We’re called to be the ambassadors of Jesus in this world and to make the most of every opportunity that God allows to come our way. Too often as Christians we overanalyze the mystery of calling, when it’s actually right in front of us. We’re simply called to be the light of the world and we shine that light in every widow we help, every orphan we love, and even in every cup of coffee we buy for someone else at Starbucks.

Sometimes God will call you to do something drastic, like leave your career and go overseas for a few years, but in the meantime – we live out our calling and Divine Design at work and in our families and churches. It does not need to be dramatic; sometimes it’s just a simple act of kindness.

So, what are your ideas on calling? I’d love to hear from you – feel free to respond on my blog. Have a great day!