Keep in mind what made you successful


[vimeo id="112856626"] When you’re on the road to success it’s sometimes easy to forget where you’ve come from. Mark Sanborn published an excellent blog where he highlights three reasons why you should remember all the elements that helped make you successful. I thought these were great reminders to think about as you move forward in your journey. It’s important to remember the journey behind you so that you can effectively navigate the journey that lies ahead of you.

Here are three ideas that Mark shared along with some of my own thoughts.

First, don’t forget the effective practices that got you where you are today. There are certain disciplines that you incorporated into your daily life that helped propel your journey forward. The right disciplines in your life helped set you up to reach the success you have today. These same practices might be beneficial in the future as you work to achieve more success. These could be relationship building techniques, networking and being a constant learner. Whatever the practices, keep on doing what you’re doing.

Second, build on your skills to cultivate greater success for the future. Skills that brought you victories can always be improved. What worked in the past can be developed to help you do even better in the future. Innovation is always a constant necessity because the world we live in will continue to change and develop. Therefore we have to build our skills even more. Remember to always be a constant champion of change.

Third, don’t forget the power of mentorship. More than likely there was someone in your life at one point who came alongside you and helped you achieve success. These people will be instrumental in guiding your walk and helping you become the person that you were ultimately designed to be. There is no doubt that God uses them instrumentally in your life, so be sure to always cultivate new relationships with new mentors. Also, be sure to serve as a mentor to others. At one point you needed someone and now someone needs you. So, become a person that sets up others to succeed!

Success sometimes has a way of making us forget the things that brought us there. So be sure to reflect on all the people who invested in you and all the different practices that helped you get where you are today. Keep these ideas in mind as you move forward. If you have some follow up thoughts or questions, please feel free to respond below. Have a great day!