How do you know you've discovered your divine design


[vimeo id="75530934"] Many people are looking for a sign to know the moment they have discovered their divine design and calling. They think, “If I could just know, I would have confidence moving forward.”

There are two things I’ve learned when looking back on my own experiences: The desire for confirmation never goes away, and it comes in many forms. As you start your journey to discover your divine design, here are some common characteristics to help you identify whether or not you are on the right track:

1. People offer seemingly off-the-cuff comments that are surprisingly relevant to what you feel inside. Have you ever had one of those conversations where someone made a comment that provided context for a decision you’ve been wrestling through? I have. I usually stop listening at that point! I really try not to do that, but I immediately connect the dots and can’t help myself. This can come through sermons, lectures, speeches, and so on. Words are powerful in their ability to shape our thinking and create the life we want to live.

2. You read or watch something that makes you pause and think. I like to highlight sentences in the books I read. When we are looking for confirmation, it’s amazing to me how confirmation can be found in the most unlikely places. The Creator can speak to us through just about anything in life—even television shows, sports broadcasts, and movies.

3. You know because you know. Sometimes we don’t have to look any further than within our own hearts and minds. Certain decisions are just obvious. We know they are the right decision. It’s OK to act on confirmation that comes from within because your gift mix, personality, and your passions drive the confirmation. However, I’ve never only had one source of confirmation—it usually comes from more than one source.

4. Common sense and natural conclusions. There is nothing wrong with applying a reasonableness factor to confirmation. The process of living into your divine design doesn’t mean we throw out logic and reason. Those are skills and aptitudes we have been given that should play a role in our discernment process.

5. Supernatural experiences. Many people feel divinely called to what they do, and I mean more than pastors and evangelists. I do believe some people have unusual experiences that can’t be explained within the confines of our human experience; they are spiritual encounters that are created by the Designer of your life. It’s hard to explain, but you know what I’m talking about if you’ve had one. These experiences can be subtle and don’t necessarily happen to everyone. But people can find confirmation through experiences that seem out of this world.

Recognizing that what we’re doing is leading us to discover our divine design is a critical aspect of embracing This Adventure Called Life. The presence of these five things point to what we need in this part of the journey: assurance we are moving in the right direction. It is important to note that you must put yourself in a position to observe these characteristics. This is why reflection is so important. The discipline of reflection prepares us to recognize confirmation when it comes.

Which of these characteristics of confirmation tends to occur most in your life? Is there a specific example you could share? How do you discipline yourself to look for these characteristics when making a major life decision?