Why leaders should always encourage


[vimeo id="95752474"] Have you ever worked with leaders in your life that seem to always have a chip on their shoulder or perhaps they’re always very negative in how they speak to you? The truth is that leaders of organizations should always speak to those lead in an encouraging way. Here are the three main reasons why leaders should always encourage.

First, a leader’s voice carries a lot of weight. As leaders, what we say and how we say it has a great deal of depth because of the role we carry. When you think about it even in simple terms, if a coworker says hello to you, it feels nice. Now think about it when the CEO of the organization says the same thing – it feels a lot different. It’s because they’re the authority figure of the organization. No matter what leaders say and do, their words will carry more power. This is why it is important for leaders to always approach others with intentions to build them up and encourage them.

Second, They set the tone of the organization. This ties in somewhat closely to the first one, but has a slight difference. Imagine if your boss would come into work and constantly say things like, “We’re never going to make it” or “What you’re doing is a total waste of time” – would you feel empowered? I think not. In fact, you would feel exactly the opposite. The leader will always set the tone in your organization. Their words have the power to set the cultural posture in your organization. This is why leaders should always speak with words that create enthusiasm, inspire motivation, and encouragement with empowerment.

Third, it’s their job to encourage. A part of the job description for a leader is to be an encourager. They are the ‘can-do’ person in your life who decided that defeat is just simply not an option. A leader should always encourage their teams, especially in the midst of trials. They have to be a voice of hope to those around them when controversy hits. They inspire a positive vision for the future. They drive the cultivation process for a culture of encouragement and empowerment. If leaders are not encouragers, they’re not doing their job.

Leaders should always work in a way that inspires people to become better than they thought they could be. A leader encourages people see the bigger picture and helps them grasp their greater potential. What would you add to this list and why?

I trust these points have encouraged you today. What would you add to this list? I would love to hear from you. Have a great day and be sure to become an encouraging leader today!