Are leaders meant for only certain types of leadership roles?


[vimeo id="92255288"] I love leadership. The best thing about leading is that there’s always some new idea, passion or interest that demands that someone takes charge to move people in that direction. Because there’s always something new to accomplish, it opens the door for various types of leaders to rise up and lead others in this new direction. Not all leaders will thrive in every field, which is why it’s imperative to know your divine design so that you’ll know if you’re the right fit for the leadership position. Remember, it’s all about being faithful with how God designed you.

Think about this. Can you imagine General MacArthur leading a movement for social change through passivism like Dr. Martin Luther King? It’s pretty difficult to imagine. But it goes to show that different leaders are called at different times. Different sets of gifts serve in different causes and events.

Now on the flipside of this thought is the fact that God may do a transformative work in you to ready you for the new role. He may change or add to your divine design and give you more abilities to lead in the new position. So, be sure to be open to that possibility.

If you find that God might be doing this in your divine design, make sure you pay attention to the context of the situation because it will call for a certain type of leadership style. For instance, if an organization is in a dysfunctional culture of disunity, the situation calls for a leader with a strong unifying leadership style. They need to create a mission, a vision and purpose for that organization that will cause the people to rally and move forward as one community. On the other hand, an organization may be in decline and losing streams of revenue. When that is the case, you need strong market-savvy leaders to determine the best future revenue streams for the organization.

Often the situation may call for a combination of leadership and as you understand the situation you will see the right leadership combination. In fact, sometimes you might put together a leadership team that will best suit the context to help lead the organization out of its crisis.

So be on the lookout for the type of leadership that the situation needs. Learn how to contextualize your leadership to fit the needs of the organization. Who knows, God might want to use in more areas than just one.

I hope this post served you today and gave you some insights. What do you think about leaders serving in more than one field? I’d love to hear from you; please feel free to respond on my blog – have a great day.