Lessons on divine design from a hero


One of the things I love most about the Bible is that it gives us a peek into some of the innermost thoughts and feelings of the heroes of our faith. We get to read what people like Moses, Abraham, and David were thinking as they followed God’s call into the unknown. But we read their stories knowing how it all ends. They lived like we do today—one step and one choice at a time.

While it’s easy for us to idolize people in the Bible, they faced the exact same struggles, thoughts, and questions as we do as we seek to discover God’s plan for our life. A few days ago, Mark Driscoll shared a few thoughts on what young men and women can learn from the life of another faith hero, John the Baptist.

Here are a few of my favorite points from Mark’s post, with some additional insights on what we can learn from John the Baptist when it comes to discovering our divine design:

1. John was filled with the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit will play a key role as a catalyst during our adventure to discover who God wants us to become. Because John was filled with the Holy Spirit, he was able to better understand what it was God was calling him to and how he should respond.

The quality of your spiritual life will have a tremendous impact on your awareness of your divine design. Whatever God is calling you to, the best way to know it is to focus on growing in your relationship with Christ and listening for the things the Holy Spirit might be leading you toward.

2. John the Baptist embraced humility throughout his journey.

Even though he was fairly young, John the Baptist was very popular among the people. In fact, he was a bit of a rock star. Despite the crowds, John knew his life wasn’t about him. It was about Jesus.

Once you discover your sweet spot in life, confirmation can quickly lead to pride. No matter the level of success we achieve, we must constantly remind ourselves of the reason we were put in this position and the One who gave us the abilities to get there.

3. John the Baptist didn’t let age prevent him from obeying God’s call.

John’s public ministry lasted just six months or so before he was sentenced to death at about the age of 30. During that short time, he was able to fulfill his calling of preparing the way for Christ, leading thousands of people to repentance in the process.

The life God wants for you doesn’t start when you’re 35 or 40 or 50—it starts now. Let John’s life be a reminder that we’re not supposed to wait around until we discover our divine design, but instead, to act on it now.

What are some of your favorite lessons from the Bible of people discovering their divine design?