What to do to make your comeback


[vimeo id="95745210"] People fail. Unfortunately, that is a reality we must all live with. It’s a part of living in a world that is in constant need of grace. One of my friends, Joel Perttula, wrote an interesting blog not too long ago about how to make your comeback from a defeat or failure. He used King David as an example and drew a few lessons from how David dealt with defeat and began making his comeback.

First, David listened. Nathan was the close friend to David and one that he trusted for advice. In the midst of difficult failures and circumstances our thinking can become clouded.  It’s difficult to think through what the next set of actions should be to make your comeback. This is where you must listen to the advice of a close friend or a mentor who can speak clarity and wisdom into your life. Opening yourself to counsel from a trusted mentor will help pave the way into your comeback.

Second, David repented.  If we’re in a situation where our failure is the kind where we’ve offended someone or done wrong to another – as David did – then it is essential to seek forgiveness. By doing this, we begin the restorative process for our comeback. But it’s not enough to ask for forgiveness and repent; you must also accept that God has forgiven you.

Third, David worshiped.  You’ve heard probably many times that we only fail when we refuse to rise up. However, how would you do this? I think you need to rely on the grace of God to carry you through the failure so you can make the comeback. As Christ-followers, we rely on God in a posture of true worship. Worship places us in a position of deep dependency on God’s power to bring you to a posture of victory. Joel highlights that athletes who fail, might look to their team for support. I think Christ followers can do this also, but their main source of encouragement and hope for a comeback comes from worshiping Jesus.

I like how Joel said, “God is the source of all wisdom and our comebacks in life become unstoppable when the attitude of our heart is worship.” I think in worship we realize that we can’t do it on our own. In worship we’re humbled and brought to a spot where we must rely on God.

What do you think about comebacks? What would you add to this list? Please take a moment to respond – I’d love to hear from you. Have an awesome day today!