Make the most of the rest of 2013


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Time flies! It’s hard to believe that we’re already almost done with 2013. At the same time, I believe there is plenty of time left to make the most of the last part of the year. Part of being faithful with the gifts, talents, and passions of your divine design is to make the most of each moment. We talk a lot about stewarding money or resources well, but the way we steward our time is just as important.

There a few months left in 2013. Here are a three ways you can make the most of them:

1. Set and accomplish one goal before the end of the year. You might be thinking, “Why not wait until the New Year to make any sort of resolution?” Don’t wait. Set a goal to accomplish by the end of the year. Consider it practice for your 2014 goals if you’d like. This is a great way to develop a lifestyle of goal setting.

2. Give back and invest in others. One of the great things about the end of the year is that there are so many opportunities to volunteer and give back to those around us. Whether you spend an afternoon at an after-school program for underprivileged kids or pull together a food drive for people in your community, do something good for someone else. If you want to make the most of the next three months, do something greater than yourself and selflessly help someone in need.

3. Learn something that prepares you for success in 2014. The best way to set yourself up for success next year is to start preparing this year. Spend some time this semester doing something that will help you next year. It could mean interviewing three people who do something you find interesting to decide where you should intern. If you’re not in school, it could mean setting aside time to learn a new skill that raises your potential for success in 2014.

No student or leader wants to waste his or her time. However, if we’re not intentional about the way we spend our time we can easily waste the opportunity we have now to learn and grow. Don’t waste your last three months hoping that 2014 will be a better year. There is plenty of time left this year to do something incredible.

How are you going to make the most of the rest of the year?