Merry Christmas


[vimeo id="114708155"] You know, Christmas is a wonderful time all around the world. It’s clear that many of the cultures around the world have some element of the season’s festive spirit written in their identity. I got to thinking about this idea a little more and it fascinated me that the power of the Christmas Story has influenced so many nations and people around the world. It’s interesting how one man, claiming to be God over 2000 years ago was able to start a world-wide revolution that shaped History for the ages to come.

This really speaks volumes about the power of God in using something so insignificant as a carpenter’s son to bring His ultimate hope of salvation to man. Only God can take something that was seemingly so unimportant and make it absolutely remarkable. Only through the power of God can a carpenter from ancient times become the savior of the world. As we celebrate Christmas this season, I would encourage everyone to take some time and reflect on the incredible gift and miracle of Jesus.

We can get lost in the gift giving, the delicious food and all the celebrations while risking to forget all that God did for us. So let’s intentionally reflect on the story of Jesus this season and always remember that our Savior was born. Let’s remember that it’s the story of Jesus that changed countless lives and brought hope to billions of people. It still continues to be the greatest story ever told. God became flesh and made His dwelling among us. He saved mankind and rescued us from darkness and ushered us into His saving grace.

Let’s dwell on this message of hope this Christmas season. Let’s be intentional about meditating on God’s powerful love for all of us and let it change us from the inside out so that we can be bearers of that hope to others. There are many in our lives that are not aware of all that Christ did for us, let’s be intentional about living out what God brought into this world through His gift – Jesus.

Merry Christmas.