Money misconceptions


[vimeo id="98761524"] Have your ever heard people say that money can’t buy you happiness? It might be an old cliché saying, but it remains true. In fact, I think there are many other misconceptions about money that are permeating our culture today. As a result I think people are struggling to understand what money is and how it should be managed. I want to highlight a few of these misunderstandings about money and hopefully shed some light on the matter.

First, people think that money brings them peace. Well, not so much. In fact, it can do exactly the opposite. Whenever your peace is based on something that can be taken away you’re making a great mistake. Your peace should be built on things that last, mainly your faith in Jesus. Your faith is something that will always be there. All your possessions and finances can be taken away, and in fact, they will be once you move on from this side of eternity. So allow your faith to be your source of peace.

Second, people might think that money will bring them wisdom. Now, money can and does pay for education, but it doesn’t make you wise. It’s simply a tool that can open the opportunity to gain more knowledge. Some people think that rich people are wise because they’ve understood some secret to the world, but the fact is that, there are many wealthy people making lots of stupid decisions. In fact, money can fool you into thinking that you’re unbeatable and you live above the rules.  If you give way to this line of thinking, you’re on dangerous ground and you might be fooled into making some poor choices.

Third, some people think that bettering ourselves equates to making more money. Making more money definitely sounds nice, but it does not make you better, or better than anyone else for that matter. The fact is that whatever makes you unique, gifted, talented or admirable is not based on money; it’s based on your divine design. If you truly want to better yourself, then take on new challenges and adventures and push yourself to explore more of how God designed you. Become the master of your talents and implement them in a way that serves others – that’s how you truly better yourself.

Money doesn’t buy happiness and neither does it solve all your problems. We should view money as a tool, not as our identity. If we allow our identity be rooted in the size of our bank account – we’ve lost the main point. Let your identity be in Jesus and keep it there.  I hope these few ideas have encouraged you today and shed some more light on the idea of money. If you have any follow up ideas and thoughts, please feel free to respond below. Have a great day!