What to do with negative feedback


[vimeo id="79121501"] We can’t control what other people will think or say to us as we journey to discover our divine design. Whether they’ll approve our ideas or form negative opinions is something we can’t completely control. We also can’t control the way they respond. Whenever you decide to do something new, adventurous or something that others deem crazy, there will always be some sort of resistance.

We can’t control the negative feedback we receive. But we can control how we internalize it, respond to it, and learn from it. We also have the power to decide to release it and move on. The key is that whenever you receive negative feedback about your ideas or dreams, don’t give up too soon.

I’d like to share five ways you can use it to come out better on the other side. Here they are:

1. Learn how to listen. Constructive criticism between two people needs four ears, not two. Listening is an art form. Really listening doesn’t mean hearing the feedback you’re receiving and coming up with a counterpoint for every idea. It means absorbing what the person is saying with the mindset that, “They may be right.”

2. Control your emotions. It’s important to be passionate about your ideas, but don’t let that passion affect the way you respond to feedback. If you have the “I’ll show you!” approach any time criticism surfaces, it will affect the way you respond in the moment. It might also create an unhealthy mentality that keeps you from moving forward.

3. Don't assume people are attacking you personally. This is a difficult lesson to learn. If you take every single piece of negative feedback you receive personally, it will eventually cripple you. Remind yourself that the person can still like you without liking your idea.

4. Take the criticism for what it is. Think of all criticism as little words of encouragement instead of a calculated attack against your entire work. Put pride to the side for the time being and understand that everyone who gives feedback wants to help you succeed.

5. Do something with it. Don’t let someone’s negative feedback rattle around your brain. Once you evaluate the feedback, it’s time to get motivated and make a plan right then and there to work on whatever it is that needs to be improved.

Too often we let one negative comment keep us from moving forward in life. When we learn how to take that negative feedback and use it to learn and grow, then we’ll see that it’s not always a bad thing.

Have you ever received negative feedback about an idea or dream? How did you use it to learn and grow?