Never stop innovating


[vimeo id="97652798"] Sometimes all we can do is wait – right? Well not exactly, I think we can always prepare and do what we can to become the expert of our craft. This is a rule that applies to all. We’re never finished learning and innovating the things that we love.  Let me explain, If you’re an educator, you should constantly be learning about the subject in which you’re an expert. If you’re a business leader, you must always cultivate creativity in advancing your product and researching new market opportunities. If people are not learning and innovating they’re growing stagnate in their craft.

Think about all the great shifts in human history. The agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution and all the other significant breakthroughs that pushed the human civilization forward.  What if the generations before us decided that they were content with the way things were and chose to maintain the status quo? I think our world would look very different today. We would probably not enjoy our smart phones, computers, cars and all the rest of our modern advances that we take for granted.

My question for you today is: what are you doing to innovate and make your craft better?

There’s one significant thing that you need to know before you can answer this.

Do you love what you do?

If you don’t love what you do, it will be very difficult for you to innovate and make it better. Love for your craft will create a passion for it, and passion is that fuel that keeps you going when you don’t know what to do and want to give up. It’s in those moments of despair and even opposition from the naysayers that passion kicks in and pushes you forward to innovate in your craft.

I sincerely believe that all people have been divinely designed by God for a mission and a purpose. It’s our task to discover that mission with God and continue the innovative process to bring about God’s solution through the life that you’ve been given. We however, have to continually cultivate our love for what we do so we can continue innovating and pushing forward God’s plan in this world.

So, what’s your craft? What are you doing to innovate in it?

Thanks for checking out my blog today. I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Feel free to respond below. Have a great day!