When it's OK to quit


[vimeo id="100994741"] So we’ve all heard winners never quit and quitters never win. Our culture glorifies winners, and quitters are just swept aside. Is it really never okay to quit? I think there comes time in some situations where it’s not only okay to quit, but also necessary. Ever heard someone talk an issue to death? If you haven’t, just watch a debate in Congress. In all seriousness, I want to share a few reasons when it’s alright to quit and move onto something different.

Here we go:

First, when you’ve done all you can do. Let’s say you took over a dying organization and you poured all your available knowledge and energy into transforming it and see that there’s not much more you can do – I think it’s alright to move on. Here’s why; there comes a point when staying in an organization is not producing the fruit that you need to produce. God expects us to be faithful with our divine design and implement it in a way that will produce fruit. You need to find an environment where your design works best. There’s a reason why oranges don’t grow in Alaska – they were designed for the tropics. So if your not producing fruit, it’s time to move on.

Second, your heart is just not in it. Maybe you took a position that you really wanted and for whatever reason it just turned out very bad, maybe even to the point that it’s changing you into something very unhealthy. The thing is that your environment will shape you and change you. We want to be in an environment that shapes our growth in a positive way. If your environment is turning you into a toxic person, it’s time to move on.

Third, God simply calls you into a new direction. God will sometimes call us into a new direction. He may place a burden on your heart for a new cause or a mission. If you know that this is what God is doing, then you absolutely must follow it. Think of the story of Jonah. He did not want to go in the direction that God called him to and actually ran away. Miraculously, through some very unconventional means, God took ahold of him and got him back on course. The point is that you have to go where God leads you because he won’t leave you alone until you do.

I hope these points have encouraged you today and maybe help you make a decision about your life. What would you add to this list and why? I’d love to hear from you. Have a great day!