Passionate Innovation


[vimeo id="136470955"] Every day I’m continually amazed by the wonders of our Divine Design! The personality, talents, and passions of each person are so unique and extraordinary. It equips us to accomplish God’s plans for our lives and to be leaders of change wherever God has put us. However, it’s important for us to lead from our Divine Design and not outside of it. The Harvard Business Review recently published an article about innovation coming from our hearts and not just our heads. Essentially, if your very being – your “Divine Design” – is not behind what you’re doing, you will struggle to be effective. Here are three points on using your Divine Design to be innovative.

First, utilize your passions and interests to enhance your effectiveness. It’s important to match what you like with what you do, but this really goes beyond that. If you’re burdened for the victims of sex trafficking, but you also enjoy the political sphere, you’ll find an immense sense of fulfillment and success when you combine them. For example, you could work as an advocate for those victims by pushing through certain legislation. The point is: the greater degree of connection between your passions and your work, the greater the level of effectiveness you achieve.

Secondly, you have a unique skillset that enables you to solve specific problems. There are problems only you will notice, and solutions only you will find because of who God created you to be. Once you recognize and develop those skills, plant yourself in a place so you will be postured to be most effective.

Lastly, recognize the Divine Design of others. Just as you need to use your Divine Design to maximize your effectiveness, you also want to help others develop and utilize theirs. This is especially true in management where placing people in jobs where they are best suited is key to posturing them for success and making your organization more effective.

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