Why pastors are important in our communities


[vimeo id="84954362"] I recently read a great blog from author and speaker, Donald Miller who addressed a subject that is very close to my heart. He discussed 10 reasons why pastors are important in our communities and I’d like to share a few of those reasons with you today.

First, pastors lead social movements that change the world.

Many pastors have been heavily involved with significant shifts in cultural trends. These shifts include the civil rights movements, abolitionist causes and many others. Probably one of the most significant figures for these movements was Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. who significantly helped bring about social change in the United States. Pastors always have and always should be the leaders on the cutting-edge of bringing about Godly change in our community and societies.

Second, they bring people together to live and work in community.

I’ve always admired the way many pastors bring about unity within a community. Pastors help shape the missional posture of the Christian community to do the work of God in their local context. They help the churches become the bridge builders they need to be in our culture. The effort that goes into mobilizing communities to work together doesn’t come easily, but there is no doubt that pastors leading churches everywhere are pulling people to work together. The local pastors in most cases are always willing to invest in the community and are willing to grow and develop together as they help people discover their divine design and the over all mission for the community.

Third, without pastors, the world would be unimaginably dark.

This may sound slightly prideful, however, it remains true. Pastors are held to a high standard and are expected to reflect a Jesus-way of life; in their marriage, career, relationships, and in just about everything else in life. This is no easy task, and if completed correctly, will in fact reflect the glory of God and bring light to an unimaginably dark world. Through this life, they help bring about transformation in the lives of other people – their lives inspire and develop others to do likewise.

Needless to say, I’ve always admired pastors, and many have invested in my life personally, and helped me grow and develop into the man I am today. In fact, it was during my high school years in Bakersfield, California, when my pastor pulled me aside one day, and asked me to come and spend a day with him every week. I did, and that season was a significant time of development and growth in my life. I owe so much to that pastor who took time to invest in my spiritual formation, and helped me discover my divine design. He brought light into the world – into my life – through godly his work.

So in summary, here’s a great big shout out to our pastors out there! Keep up the good work! We appreciate all you do for our communities.

How have pastors shaped your life? Have they been influential in your community?