The point of no return


[vimeo id="75538209"] Imagine you’re standing on the edge of the high dive at the swimming pool. You’ve done the work to climb the ladder and walk to the edge of the platform. Standing there, it might feel like you’ve reached the point of no return. Either you take a leap of faith and experience the rush of diving into the pool or you turn around, climb back down the ladder, and experience the feeling of letting your fear get the best of you.

There comes a point in every person’s journey to discovering his or her divine design when there’s no turning back. Some might refer to it as the point of no return. Once you receive confirmation that what you think you are called to do is actually what you’re supposed to do, there is no going back to the way it was before. You either jump, or you miss out.

You can’t unlearn, un-know, or undo most things in life. Once you’ve had an experience—good or bad—you can’t just forget about it. Once you find strength and wisdom in the words of another person, you can’t un-hear those words. Once your heart jumps because you know what you’re considering is right, you can’t go back.

This is not a reason to avoid the confirmation you will discover along your journey through life. Rather, this is an experience that should be embraced because you are being transformed into a more accurate picture of who you have been created to be. This is my favorite part of the mentoring process with others.

I try to meet with as many incoming freshman and transfer student as possible through out their first year. Many come to college undecided, uncertain, and with a certain lack of confidence. Once they find the confirmation they need about the direction they are headed—or at least awareness that college is a process by which they are prepared for what’s next—everything changes. I can see it in their eyes, hear it in the words they use, and watch it in the way they carry themselves. There is a new cadence to which they move and a greater clarity about what’s next.

The point of no return is not something we should avoid. It doesn’t mean we have all the answers, but it does mark the moment we have been changed. With knowledge comes responsibility. With responsibility comes action. And, it is the way we move through life that shows the world what the abundant life is all about.

Are you going to jump or are you going to climb back down the ladder? That’s the point of no return. That’s the most crucial question you’re going to have to answer in life’s journey to discover your divine design.

Have you ever experienced “the point of no return” before? How did you respond?