Points for effective navigation in your twenties.


[vimeo id="91298950"] There are many life lessons that I wish I would have known in my twenties, but oftentimes the only way to learn these lessons is to go through them and learn from the pain of experience. Luckily there are older people in the world who are willing to invest in the younger generations and help them navigate their journeys more effectively by learning from the lessons of the older generations.

I came across a great article by Relevant Magazine that highlights some of these lessons. I’ll share a few of them with you today.

First, examine your foundation carefully. This is a concept that is absolutely crucial to your success in your life journey because it deals with your value structure. It is imperative that your values be based on biblical principles and ideas that will edify your decision-making. Keep in mind that all your choices in life are built off your values and as long as they are in a posture of righteousness, you will find success. However, if they’re postured in selfish motives, you will quickly find emptiness and dissatisfaction in your journey. So, make sure your foundation is built solid.

Second, choose your community carefully. Always use wisdom in choosing the people you decide to do life with. Why is this so important? Because who you hang out with will influence your journey either negatively or positively. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard stories of young people spending time in the wrong crowds that eventually dragged them into unhealthy lifestyles filled with bad decisions. Now I don’t mean that we isolate ourselves from the world, but I want to encourage you to use wisdom in choosing your friends and the places where you hang out.

And finally, create good disciplines. You know, discipline, is a word that makes some people cringe. In fact, oftentimes we do everything we can to avoid discipline in our lives, but the truth is that without disciplines we’re in danger of missing out on a fulfilled life. Our idea of discipline needs to shift from an attitude of obligation to a posture of understanding that these disciplines will empower us for effective living. Disciplines have the potential to keep our life on track and under control from things that might otherwise ruin our daily walk.

I trust these few principles have encouraged you today and provided you with some additional direction for your life journey.

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