Preparing for a job interview


[vimeo id="97654105"] We’re in a season of graduations. Many schools have already finished their academic years and others are getting ready to wrap them up pretty soon. One thing that many graduates face is perhaps their most dreaded fear of all time. They’ve been preparing for it for years during their entire academic career and even now, this fear seems to over take them. What am I talking about?

Your job interview.

Not to worry graduates, today I’ll share a few ideas about how you can prepare for the interview and perform the very best way possible.

First, learn about the company or organization. The first thing you want to do before even applying for a job is to learn about who you might be working for. Don’t just apply for a position because it might be in your field – always do your homework and understand what it is exactly that they do. Once you’ve applied and are offered an interview don’t just sit back – keep learning. Study their mission and vision, and take time to learn about their current projects. Also learn about their leadership and work culture and about the people who will be your interviewers. Always know about who you’re working for.

Second, be passionate. No employer is going to want to hire a person who flat lines with enthusiasm. Be passionate about what the company does and show enthusiasm for its mission and vision. Enthusiasm cultivates optimism and it is extremely attractive and contagious. Your employer – if they’re smart – will want someone on their team that actually loves to come to work and make the company better and stronger. So be passionate about the company.

Third, be confident. Not cocky. But be genuinely confident about your abilities. Employers want a can-do, a will-do, and a get-it-done type of a person. There’s no task too small, average, or big for you to take on. You’ve been preparing for this job your whole life and you’re ready to put your skills to work and make it happen. During the interview, remember your strengths and draw your confidence from them. Remind yourself that this is a job that you can do and do well.

No matter what job you’re interviewing for, just remember these three points as you navigate through the interview. I guarantee you that your chances of getting the job will increase significantly. I hope I’ve encouraged you today and if you have ideas you’d like to add to this list, please let me know. Feel free to respond below. Have a great day!