Qualities that make a great leader


[vimeo id="113299898"] I’m always reading about leadership and what makes some leaders successful and what we can do grow in our own leadership. I think that there are plenty of qualities that make leaders excellent and it’s always good to be reminded of characteristics that may not receive enough attention. Forbes recently posted an article about what they deem as the 10 top qualities of a great leader. I want to share some of these with you today. No matter what level of leadership you hold in an organization, I think it’s always great to be reminded of these.

Here we go:

First, commitment to the mission. There’s nothing that energizes a team more than a leader that is committed to the mission. I think that the way they show this commitment can vary, but one way that I think is most effective is jumping right into the trenches with the team. Leaders that lead from a pedestal do not communicate genuine commitment. Distance creates a feeling of disinterest. So be committed, show it by jumping into the mission with the team and work alongside people.

Second, have a sense of humor. Learn to laugh at yourself. If you take yourself too seriously, people will have a hard time taking your seriously. Humor has a great way of inspiring positive energy in your team. Let’s say you’re having a hard day and client just isn’t happy with your service and the whole team is feeling down. Inject a little humor and watch how that will begin to lift your spirits and team morale. Keep your head up and laugh a little.

Third, ability to delegate. This quality definitely does not get enough attention. A lot of leaders burn out because they feel they have to do everything by themselves. The truth is that you can maybe do this for a little while, but you weren’t created to do everything. Mother Teresa said, “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” So learn to delegate tasks to people who are strong in areas that you are not.

Finally, ability to inspire. Leaders must be able to connect with people at an emotional level. Without inspiration it is difficult to cultivate passion for achieving the mission. Leaders can do this in many different ways, one of which is vision casting. Paint a picture of the future of the organization and highlight all the goals that are within reach. Seeing what the future could be is a great way to inspire people to move forward together in unity. It’s important to speak this vision with confidence and courage, but before you can inspire, you have to be committed to the team. Commitment creates trust, and trust allow us to inspire people.

I trust these few reminders have encouraged you in your leadership. If there’s anything you would add to this list, I’d love to hear from you so please feel free to respond below. Thanks again and have a great day!