The real reason why we reject the unknown


[vimeo id="77437510"] The tricky thing about discovering your divine design is that you’re always going to make choices without ever really knowing how every detail is going to work out. You have to choose whether or not to take that next step in your relationship without knowing 100 percent if he or she is “the one.” You have to choose whether or not you say “yes” to a job offer that could send your career down a certain path.

The “unknown” aspects of our opportunities will never go away. There will always be decisions that come along during this adventure called life when you won’t have a map of your journey plotted out in front of you. For some people, the unknown paralyzes them, preventing them from ever moving forward. If we want to avoid that kind of decision-paralysis, it’s important to learn the real reason we reject the unknown and how we can overcome it.

The real reason why we reject the unknown

Some people carry a tremendous amount of baggage because they know they have missed some big opportunities. Someone told them that

if they got it wrong, there would be no chance to recover. That’s simply not true.

If life is a process, then it must be supported by a system. If life is supported by a system, then it must be ongoing. If life is ongoing, then we’ll have not one but an endless amount of catalysts that come into and move through our lives.

Rejection doesn’t spell doom. In fact, little in life actually does. What rejection spells is fear. The reason why we reject what we don’t know is that we are afraid of letting go of what is right next to us.

How to overcome the unknown

The only way to step into clarity, confidence, and conviction is to overlook the temptation to pass on the invitation when opportunity emerges and say, “yes.” Leave behind the fear that is holding you back and take the next step.

It is in the letting go that you will find strength. It is in the going that you will find endurance. It is in the doing that you will find the fulfillment of your divine design.

Has there been a time in your life where the unknown has kept you from discovering your divine design? What are some ways you’re fighting through the unknown today?