Reflecting on today


No matter what season of life you’re currently in, cultivating a habit of reflecting on your day is a life discipline that will help you learn and grow. As you reflect on today, you’ll see the moments that shaped your day either negatively or positively. This simple discipline will empower you to shape a better tomorrow.

My suggestion is to do this in the evening when everything is fresh in your mind. However, I know others who prefer to reflect on the previous day in the morning. Whenever you do it, here are few questions that you can ask yourself to develop a better tomorrow:

What was the best part about my day?

Leaders tend to hold themselves to very high standards. Therefore, we often look past our successes and let our failures captivate our attention until they drive us crazy.

Before you head down that path, stop for a minute at the end of your day and acknowledge one thing that went well. Did you close a deal, even a small one? Land a meeting you've been trying to get? Finally break through and motivate an employee? Whatever it was, name it and celebrate it.

What was the worst part of my day?

While you may have a tendency to dwell on this question already, this is a quick chance for you to identify the one moment in your day that didn’t go as planned. Don't go over an entire list of failures. Instead, pick one that stood out. Yes, you'll have a lot to learn from it, but for now, name it and get it out of your head and to a place where you can deal with it.

Naming it not only helps you move on, it will also help you take the first steps to work through it and learn from the situation.

What am I looking forward to most tomorrow?

Ending on this positive question will get you in the right mindset for whatever tasks you’re facing the following day. Do you have a big speech? Is a new employee starting at your company? Are you taking the day off to spend it with people you love?

Knowing your mission, task, and responsibilities for tomorrow and cultivating a positive outlook on them will propel you to excellence. Apply what you learn today to tomorrow.

If there were one thing that could help guarantee that tomorrow would be better than today, would you do it? Of course you would. Reflecting with these questions will get you on the road to an excellent tomorrow. Make this discipline a daily process and later, expanded it to a weekly, monthly and yearly process. No matter what season of life you’re currently living through, consistently reflecting on your life will develop you as person, worker and leader - Start today!

How has reflecting helped you shape the future? Do you think it’s effective?