The Risk of Being Bold and Courageous


[vimeo id="169754711"] The Industrial era was a great one. It was about scale, efficiency, and distribution. It assumed that bigger and faster was always better. Everyone only needed to worry about what they were responsible for accomplishing. And whatever that was had to be on time and to spec.

We accomplished a lot during that era. But the world has changed. Fragmentation has been exchanged for integration. Segmentation has been exchanged for personalization. And industry has been exchanged for trust and relationships.


Quite simply, you can no longer expect to use tried and true methods and expect the same results. Why? Because the rules have changed. Big organizations can’t force me to pay attention to them. Every individual can “turn off” and silence a brand forever. That’s scary. What once was controlled by organizations is now in the hands of the individual.

I spent a decade in broadcast journalism in a major US market. The news used to be mastered by the professionals. They had cameras, channels, and broadcast capabilities which were out of the reach of everyday individuals.

Today, every Southeastern University student is a media outlet that is arguably more powerful than any one broadcast network ever was or will be. With the phone in their pocket, they can capture a video or image and use Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube to share it with their networks of influence. Those people can share the same message with their networks. In just a few clicks and shares, a story can go viral and force major media to cover it during their next broadcast.

The good news is you have the power to create the trust and relationships with people looking for someone to lead them with courage, boldness, and conviction.


This is great news for individuals and organizations alike. It means the opportunity to influence and change are accessible to everyone, anywhere, and anytime. It also means that we are no longer separated by time, space, or geography.

The next social movement, I predict, will not be regional or even national. It will be global.

You have the chance to lead today. It’s never been more possible than it is right now, yet it’s also never been more out of reach. Too many leaders are lamenting the reality that the old rules have fallen away instead of redirecting that energy toward learning new forms of engagement. This is why I invest in social media, blogs, and video.

You don’t have to wait for someone else to connect you with an audience. You no longer have to wait to be chosen. You can choose yourself. You can build your tribe. All it takes is a great idea and the creativity and commitment to share it with others so they can choose to join you in your movement.


You can’t pay enough money to get enough attention to insulate yourself from irrelevance. Either you earn trust, build relationships, and invite me to join you in your movement or you become irrelevant and will eventually fade away. The risk of not making the bold and courageous decision to shift is greater than the risk of trying something new.

All you have to do is lean into your fear and share what matters to you. That’s how you’ll find others who agree with you. That’s when the conversation begins. And that’s the spark that will lead to the revolution you’ve wanted all along.

Action Required: Have you embraced the responsibility and opportunity to earn the trust of others? Or are you still relying on your bank account to buy your way into the hearts and minds of others? One will lead to abundance. The other bankruptcy. What’s your next move?