The secret to starting your divine design journey


[vimeo id="82041977"] While every person’s journey to discover their divine design looks different, they all start the same way, with an invitation to say “yes” to whatever you feel God is calling you to become. Saying “yes” can be scary. There are a lot of unknowns. However, sometimes all we need is a little clarity to help us take that first step and say “yes” to the invitation.

In the same way a flashlight provides you with enough clarity to encourage you to take the first steps into the darkness, there are several truths that we can rely upon to take the first step in starting our journey to discover our divine design.

If you’ve been waiting to take the first step, here are eight things that will provide you with the courage and wisdom to move forward despite the unknown:

    1. If you’re not sure where to start, ask yourself “What if?” Whether you’ve hit a dead end in your journey or you’re not even sure where to start, these two words have the potential to change everything. Here are a few examples of how this question can move you forward.
    2. Understanding why people never start their journey to discover their divine design will ensure you don’t make the same mistake. The first thing we must do to avoid missing a divine design opportunity is to identify the common reasons we miss the catalyst. Here are three reasons why many miss out on life’s invitation to adventure.
    3. Fear is inevitable, but don’t let it stop your journey. The fear you face when looking at your dream is normal. How you respond to it is what sets you apart from everyone else. Don’t be afraid to do amazing things with your life.
    4. Looking back can help you move forward.Reflection is an essential part of discovering your divine design because it helps you affirm the catalyst that ignites your journey. By taking the time to identify how this new calling lines up with your past experiences, you’ll gain confidence that everything in your past was leading up to help you take this first step.
    5. Sometimes clarity and confidence only come after we accept the call to adventure. While this may seem a little frustrating, the truth is that you will never find clarity, confidence, and conviction unless your life is moving.
    6. Knowing how to stay motivated will keep us from giving up. Whether you’re just starting out on your journey or you’ve hit a bump in the road, here are a few keys to staying motivated along the way.
    7. The best thing to do after your dream is discovered is to just do something. It may seem like the worst piece of advice you’ve ever heard, but if you just start to work toward accomplishing your dream, you’ll go further than a majority of others.
    8. Whenever you feel nervous about starting your journey, remember what it was like to play with Play-Doh. A child never stresses about the fact that Play-Doh never comes with directions. Instead of stressing for directions, what if we just started to create something? Instead of worrying about how we’re going to get the dough out of our fingernails, what if we dug in with childlike zeal?

What other advice would you give to those who are just starting out on their journey to discover their divine design?