Self-awareness and leadership


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There’s a lot of talk about ‘Self-awareness’ in leadership today. It’s not some New Age mystical concept that I’m talking about, but a real discipline that helps people understand who they are as individuals and as leaders. Being aware of your gifts, talents and abilities, or rather, your God-given Divine Design is a key factor in understanding how you will best operate in any given situation. However, many people don’t have the knowledge or the understanding about how to be Self-aware. I want to highlight a few simple concepts that will help you learn and practice this discipline.

First, personality tests. I encourage you to take a test like Myers Briggs or Strengths Finders as they will reveal key characteristics about how God has put you together. You will be affirmed in things you might already know and you will also discover qualities that you did not know you possessed.

Second, don’t just take the test once, but take one periodically. One thing constant in life is change. If we’re not changing – we’re dead. With these changes that God brings into our lives, we develop and grow new gifts and strengths in new areas. We may grow new strengths and abilities that we thought we could never master. God will shape and mold you through the whole course of life. So maintain a good sense of who you are becoming.

Third, write reflection papers. Each summer I take some time to get away for a week or two by myself. During this time I spend a lot of time reflecting and meditating on the past year. I think about all the people I met, all the different events I attended, and try to think through some significant or noteworthy moments that took place. After I reflect, I begin to write a paper – just like I would write one in college. As I write and process through all that has happened, I begin to see the handiwork of God in different situations. I see how He has developed me and challenged me in new ways. I begin to see the masterpiece that He’s creating. It’s a really valuable exercise and I encourage all of you to try it as well. You will discover a lot about yourself.

Well thanks for checking out my blog today. I trust I’ve encouraged you on your journey. Remember to always be Self-aware and keep focused on what God might be doing in your life. Thanks again and have a great day!