SEU Forum


[vimeo id="87213345"] Every March, Southeastern University hosts the Southeastern Leadership Forum. This is an amazing opportunity for all leaders from various fields to come and learn about what’s happening on the cutting edge of our world. Every year, I hear great reports from people who attend the Forum, and they leave with a new sense of empowerment and energy to lead in their industries. Not only that, but our guests have a wonderful opportunity to network and cultivate new relationships.

Our speakers are also very accomplished individuals who have a lot of experience in the areas that they lead. If you want to learn more about our speakers this year, check out my earlier post. I hope you can join us for this wonderful occasion.

Our keynote speaker this year, Ben Carson, is an inspirational leader in our nation today. He is a world-renowned neurosurgeon and professor emeritus of neurosurgery, oncology, plastic surgery and pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He’s a highly regarded motivational speaker who has presented in many events including the President’s National Prayer Breakfast. He’s a published author and has written several articles thoughout his career. In fact, I’d like to share a few thoughts from one of his articles that was published in The Washington Times. He shares about his personal journey, which included – among many other things – an array of jobs.

His main point in his article is that working leads to the acquisition of knowledge, experience, relationships and opportunities to move up, all of which are important components of realizing the American Dream.

I couldn’t agree more with Dr. Carson. Our motivation in every job should be to learn as much as possible through experiences and relationships while cultivating connections with new people. The beauty of working comes through when we adjust our attitude to seeing our job as a privilege. We must see our career as an opportunity to excel in our ambitions and in our dreams.

When we continuously keep our attitude in the correct posture, we will see significant fruit from our labor. Good output at work is the natural consequence of an attitude in a posture of excellence and servant leadership. Our attitude has the power to shape the atmosphere of our workplace. Because the more we drive our energies to doing things well, the more our energy builds collaboration and good will among our coworkers. They will continue to recognize the positivity you bring to the room and the creativity that comes with an empowered environment.

The bottom line is that as you enjoy your work and dedicate yourself to excellence, you will see great results throughout your career. So implement the advice of Ben Carson to your work, and you, too, can achieve the American Dream.

How do you bring about excellence in your work?