Should we keep our dreams to ourselves?


How often do we think of a goal or have a feeling of what our divine design might be and the first thing we do is tell someone all about it? While creating accountability for achieving your goals isn’t a bad thing, sharing your goals may actually demotivate you from accomplishing them.

I recently heard about an interesting study on this topic by a psychologist. He found that people who identified a goal and told someone about it before ever starting to act on it were less likely to achieve it than people who acted upon their goal before telling someone. Results showed that simply sharing the idea created a false sense that they had actually already accomplished the goal.

Essentially, when it comes to sharing our goals before we act upon them, our mind mistakes the talking for the doing.

That’s pretty fascinating, if you think about it.

What does that mean for us?

Should we keep our thoughts about what our divine design might be to ourselves?

While these discoveries may persuade you to keep your goals to yourself, I wouldn’t go that far. However, I think it provides a great reminder that many people share their dreams but then never act on them.

The thing I took away from this discovery, and hopefully you will too, is that taking the first step toward your dream is just as important as identifying the dream or finding accountability to accomplish it. After we have an idea of what we were created to be, we need to be faithful with how God has made us. Part of that is acting on your dreams and passions. This is exactly why I encourage people to just do something after their dream is discovered.

Not only will it prevent us from looking like we weren’t serious about our dream, but it will also improve our chances of achieving it.

When you identify a goal or dream, do you tend to act on it or tell someone first? Has that impacted your ability to reach your dream?