Silence Is Too Loud


[vimeo id = 125075592] Some of the most profound leadership lessons are not those heard, but those observed. When I read the life of Jesus, I am often surprised by the principles I see just in the way He lived. One of the values He often demonstrates is the importance of silence and solitude. Scripture says He would wake up very early when it was still dark and slip away to pray. Luke 5:16 says that Jesus would often depart into the wilderness and to lonely places to be in fellowship with His Father. These actions are life-lessons to us about the importance of silence and solitude in the way we live and walk with God. Here are three reasons every Christian and leader needs to make silence and solitude a priority:

First, silence forces you to examine yourself. There’s a famous quote that says, “An innocent man never runs away.” For many of us, noise and busyness are ways we run away from the turbulence within our hearts. We need to stop and ask ourselves, “What am I running from? Why do I fear silence?” It’s only in those moments of rest and solitude that the deep things within us will rise.

Second, silence illuminates our hidden hearts. I’ve always been intrigued by Jesus’ temptations in the wilderness. We often focus on the extreme hunger and thirst of Jesus, but what about His extreme loneliness? Jesus was alone in the wilderness – a place of complete desolation – for forty days. Had there been any pride or insecurity within Jesus, it would have surfaced by the end of those forty days. It was the most vulnerable point for Jesus, but when the enemy attacked, Jesus stood still and firm in the Word.

Third, silence opens a clear channel of communication to the Father. Have you ever tried holding a conversation in a noisy restaurant? It’s almost impossible. At some point, either the noise dies down or you give up on talking. Trying to pray when our spirits are constantly distracted is like that. The Father’s voice gets jumbled in the midst of all our busyness and noise. Soon, we can’t distinguish God’s voice, and then we wonder why God’s not speaking to us. Silence cleanses the environment of noise. It cultivates an atmosphere where God’s voice can be clearly heard. Now that’s something every Christian sorely needs.

Thanks for checking out my blog! I pray these words of encouragement will stay with you wherever you go. Please feel free to leave any thoughts or comments. Thanks again and have a great day!