Sometimes being faithful in our Divine Design means staying put.


[vimeo id="112820827"] You know many people are seeking God’s will in their life and often they think that they need to be moving somewhere new. Now, there are times when God certainly does cause us to make these kinds of moves, but sometimes He just wants you to stay put. He may have destined for you to stay where you are right now. Maybe you’re struggling to discern God’s will about either staying or going. So I’d like to share a few ideas that Relevant Magazine highlighted that will help guide you when discerning God’s will for a big decision like moving.

First, think about the biblical precedent. What I mean is, does your decision to leave go against scripture? Will it harm the Godly things in your life? Some moves in our lives will do more harm than good. They may place us in positions that may cause us to do things that are unbiblical and sinful. So keep in mind your spiritual wellbeing before making a decision to make a move.

Second, you might have a tendency for sporadic decision-making. I talked about emotional decision-making not long ago, but I want to highlight this again. Yes, God gave us emotions, but He also gave us an ability to reason and think through our choices. If your decision to move is a constant theme in your life, there may be something else motivating your choices. This might be a fear of commitment. If this is the case, then I suggest taking a really honest assessment of yourself and going through the proper healing process to help yourself make balanced choices.

Third, what do your mentors say? By now you should know, I am really big on mentoring. Having people in your life who can invest in your journey and provide counsel is an incredible blessing. Big decisions like moving should be vetted through the people you trust in your life. Those who know you and have invested in you will be able to give you good solid counsel to make a healthy choice – listen to them. This is hard to do especially when we’re young – we often don’t want to listen to anyone and want to do our own thing. Swallow your pride and open your ears to people.

Fourth, do you have peace about the decision? You might be wondering what exactly I mean by peace. Having peace about the decision is when you have no hesitation in your spirit about the commitment you’re about to make. You don’t have a constant back-and-forth in your spirit about the choice – it just makes sense. This is something that God will give you when the choice is right. It may be a process before you reach the decision, meaning that you’ll go back-and-forth for a bit, but eventually the choice becomes clear. When you reach this point, it’s easy to make the move, or not make it.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. I trust these thoughts encouraged you on your journey as you make big decisions. As always, if you have any follow up questions or thoughts, please let me know. You can respond below. Have a great day!