Sometimes it’s God waiting on you


[vimeo id="87212518"] There are times along the journey of life when things are not happening as fast as we think they should. There’s a deeper desire in all of us to want to achieve the next level of our divine design and a deeper relationship with God. Often we get caught up in all the things that are intended to bring us closer to God, but sometimes these things can become what distract us from God.

Let me explain.

You see, the worldwide Christian community is saturated by literature, events and conferences from many talented godly individuals who are great champions of our faith. They write revealing insights about God, His character and nature, and about the journey of life. We can learn a lot from all of them. Taking advantage of these opportunities is beneficial and definitely worthwhile. However, I want to remind us that in the midst of all these opportunities, remember to keep our focus on Jesus, because sometimes all we have to do is to just be with God. We don’t always have to read the latest and the greatest books. Sometimes all we need to do is just spend time doing nothing but meditating on the magnificence of God.

In fact, it’s often God who waits for us to be with Him. We have to enjoy the opportunities we’re given, but maintain an intentional perspective that our faith simply hinges on Jesus and not on whether or not we’re a part of the next exciting event. We have to remember that Jesus is the reason for all these opportunities and events anyway.

Once we become intentional about maintaining our focus on Jesus and listening to His voice – sometimes in just simple quiet meditation – then our relationship with God will be fulfilled. Not only that, but the books and events will become all the more meaningful to your relationship with God. They will become even more edifying and encouraging for you as you move forward in your intimate journey with Jesus.

So here’s the take-home point: Make sure your spiritual focus and walk with God is centered on your relationship with Jesus. Keep your ears open to what God might be speaking to you by just quieting yourself before Him – away from all the hustle and bustle.

Remember, even Jesus took time away from busy meetings and speaking engagements to rest and recover, and ultimately, to just spend time alone with His precious Father.

Have you ever become focused on the wrong thing? How did you adjust your life?