Stay committed to your New Year’s resolutions


[vimeo id="114810337"] Happy New Year! You know this season is always a great time to take a moment and reflect and think about what went well this past year and what we can improve for the New Year. Many of us make resolutions about what we’re going to do next year and how we’re going to make changes in our lives. This got me thinking a little bit more about goals and promises and it seems to me that we live in a very sporadic society. A lot of people have a hard time committing to a career, relationship, or a community. So today, I want to encourage you with a few thoughts about how you can stay committed to what you resolve to do during this new year.

First, don’t be just interested. There’s a big difference between being interested and being committed. So before you make a New Year’s resolution, make sure that your interest in the idea will carryover into a sincere commitment. Remember, that once you make a commitment, you’ve made a decision to stick to it. We wont lose those extra pounds unless we carry out our commitment.

Second, make plans. Nothing says your serious about something like taking action. The first step to taking action is making plans to do so. Plans speak volumes about the intentions that you have to make some changes. Whether your resolution is to find a new job, start a relationship, or do more traveling; make plans to do so.

Third, create disciplines. This one is similar to the first point, but it’s a little different. Having the right disciplines in your life will help you carry out your plans. You’ll notice that people who are disciplined will usually be more successful than those who are not. Let’s say you make a commitment to get in shape this year and you come up with a workout schedule and a diet, but don’t discipline yourself to live it out, you’ll never see the results. Discipline is about building the routines into your schedule. Once your plan becomes a part of your schedule, then you’re on your way to achieving the goal.

Fourth, take time to reflect and make the needed changes. No matter what you do there’s always room to make adjustments and corrections as you move forward. This is the whole idea of learning and developing through life. Your commitments might need some adjusting once you get going. You might find that your work out routine is too easy or that your job hunt is going to need a little more time – don’t be afraid to make a few changes. Adjust as needed, but this is not a reason to slack off. So, stay committed.

Fifth, don’t quit because you failed. Bottom line is that you will make mistakes. You will never do anything perfectly – get use to it. Failing or doing things imperfectly simply indicates that you’re learning and adjusting to something new. In other words, you’re forcing yourself to endure a new set of circumstances and realities. These will always cause new trends of growth and development in your life and inevitable failures along the way. The key is to not give up.

Thanks for checking out my blog today! I hope I’ve encouraged you as you get ready to start this new year. If you have any questions or follow up thoughts, please feel free to respond below! Have a great day and fantastic new year!