Stewarding with Vision


[vimeo id="130355182"] Sometimes the best way to communicate a principle is through a story. Jesus, a masterful teacher, often used stories or parables to illustrate a point. One of His most famous parables is the story of the servants who are given talents of gold. Two of them invest their talents and double their money. One of them hides their talent to keep it safe. The first two are called good and faithful stewards. The last one is called a wicked slave.

What was Jesus’ point?

Stewardship is about visionary investment, not maintaining the status quo. Now remember, the story is illustrating a point. Jesus’ isn’t talking exclusively about money. There are many things that we, as Christians, need to be faithfully managing. Here are a few things that we need to steward in our lives.

Number one, we need to steward our resources. Our physical resources include time, energy, money, and even the natural resources of the earth. We only have a finite amount of each of these, so how we invest them is crucial. Are we investing our time into things that will have a lasting, long-term return? Are we applying our finances to make a real difference in this world? Are we being efficient in utilizing the earth’s resources or even our own energy.

Number two, we need to steward relationships. Being a good steward with your relationships does not mean having more relationships but having deeper relationships. Are you connecting with friends and family on a regular basis? Do you know the struggles they’re going through? Are you able to be there for one another? These are facets of developing stronger relationships.

And number three, we need to steward ourselves. Although the “talents” in Jesus’ parable refer to money, He was also speaking about our physical talents. You have special giftings that God wants you to invest into the community around you. This also means you need to strive to sharpen these skills and talents so that they can be more effective tools.

Hey, thanks for checking out my blog today! I hope these words have encouraged and inspired you to be faithful stewards of the blessings God has given you. Please feel free to share your comments or thoughts below. Thanks again and have a great day!