Taking a look at your environment


[vimeo id="98758904"] John Maxwell talks about the law of environment and why it matters to your development as a leader. He talks about the specific conditions that favor growth in your leadership and which do not. As leaders, we need to be aware of our environment and ensure that these healthy conditions are promoted and nurtured. Much of our job involves cultivating a workplace that empowers people to grow in their gifts and talents.

Here’s what John says:

First, the environment must continually challenge you. Let’s face it.  It’s easy to plateau and not worry about developing new leadership skills. However, if you’re not challenging yourself on a regular basis you will begin to decline in your leadership potential.  I think that sometimes we need to be in over our heads because it breaks the normal routine of our day-to-day operations. If your tasks are getting a little too easy – it’s time for a change. Do something new daily.

Second, your environment should be a place where failure is not an enemy.  One of my favorite sayings is that if your not failing, you’re not learning. As leaders we must cultivate an environment where failure is not fatal and it’s something that becomes an opportunity for growth and development. It needs to be something that is viewed as a stepping-stone to success.

Third, the environment needs to be a place where others are growing. Are you only concerned about your own development? If so, then you must learn to focus on the growth of those around you. Especially as a leader, you are responsible for seeing other develop in their leadership in the organization. Use your own drive for personal development as fuel to drive the growth of others on the team.

Fourth, cultivate an affirming environment. Sometime ago I wrote a blog on bad bosses and what you can learn from each of them. In it, I share some ideas about how you can create a healthy work environment. But I think the greatest thing you can do is to affirm your team as they strive to reach their full potential. This will have a contagious effect in the work place as out put and efficiency will increase in the organization. Remember that progress thrives where people are encouraged and recognized for their successes.

Always do all you can to build a healthy environment. I hope these points have encouraged you create the environment that is healthy for you and your teammates. If you have any follow up thoughts regarding these ideas, please feel free to respond below. Have a great day!