[vimeo id="146004079"] Have you ever wanted to be part of a “dream team”? Well the good news is you can! You see, dream teams don’t just happen. It takes a leader who is intentional about bringing people together with a common vision and a common dream. One of the most important things is to cultivate a team-dream. You can’t have a dream team until you have a team-dream. So how does a leader cultivate a dream for their team? Well here are a few ideas.

First of all, foster a culture of communication. The number one indicator of a successful team is consistent communication. You and your team need to be able to communicate freely amongst yourselves. What are the expectations for each member? What is each member’s role in the project? What is each member’s vision of success for the team? Every member should feel free to communicate any problems they have either with their own work or the team’s direction. You see, communication is like the oil that keeps a machine running. The greater level of communication you and your team have – the greater level of success you can achieve.

Secondly, foster a culture of community. How well do you know your teammates? Do you know when one of them is having a rough day or going through a difficult season? Are the members of your team continually encouraging each other? You see, these are the values that need to be present for your team to realize its dream. A dream team is a team that invests in each other’s lives.

Third, foster a culture of commonality. You know, each team member is going to have a different idea of success. As leaders, we need to determine where each person’s goals converge. So have each member write down what success for the team looks like to them. Get them to be as detailed as possible. Then find three things that are most common to all of the team members. Encourage everyone to put 80% of their effort into those three activities.

Lastly, foster a culture of creativity. An effective leader will pull their team together to focus on the common goals. But a transformational leader will empower their team to achieve these goals through their individual strengths. You see, one of the great advantages of a team is the unique skillset each person brings to the table. So as the group focuses on the team dream, each member should be empowered to utilize the full breadth of their Divine Design to realize that dream!

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