Team Leaders


[vimeo id="143183820"] You know, many of us think that needing someone is a sign of weakness. It’s an admission that we just aren’t as strong as we should be. We believe that being dependent on someone is a sign we need help. But being “independent” is a sign that we have everything together. The truth is that we were never meant to work alone. We were created to be team-workers in school, at work, and throughout life. Why? Because a team empowers every individual to achieve a greater level of success together than alone. So here are a few benefits of being team-players.

The first advantage of a team is consistency. As an individual, your productivity is affected by a lot of outside influences. Things like your emotions, stress, skillset, and even other commitments affect your performance. Now with a team there’s always someone else who can come alongside and help you out. So even when one member is having a bad day the team still maintains high quality work.

The second advantage is encouragement and feedback. It is very hard to really assess your own work. Let’s face it: we all have blindspots. And we all can be our own worst critic. But one of the great things about a team is that you get objective feedback and encouragement. People with other skills or perspectives offer you guidance in ways you can improve. It’s also an opportunity for you to come alongside someone else to posture them for success in the future.

A third advantage is effectiveness. No matter how hard you work, there is only so much you can do by yourself. But you know, thankfully we were never meant to do everything alone. You see, a team has both the strength of numbers and diversity. It can reach more people, do more work, and be in more places. A team can also deal with more problems. Each member has unique strengths. And together a team has every strength. A team can more effectively engage their culture and generate organic, transformative change.

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