Ted talk from Simon Sinek


[vimeo id="98760948"] I love Ted talks. They offer some great insights from some really incredible thinkers and leaders. Simon Sinek is one of those leaders. He presented about a revelation he had regarding the reason why people choose to buy a particular product.

His big takeaway point was that WHY companies do something matters more than the product they sell. In other words, people buy into the why, before they buy the product.

This is not only true in the marketplace, but it’s apparent in leadership. Those who are inspirational, drive the why behind the cause. If people believe why you do things, they will be motivated and inspired to take action in their own lives.

I believe this is imperative for leaders to understand. Leaders must learn to communicate WHY the organization is going in a certain direction. They must make the WHY very clear behind the mission. This will be the key component in creating the identity and missionality within the organization.

Furthermore, if organizations want to thrive they must not only communicate the why clearly, but also must hire people who are passionate about the why as well. They’re not just there to get a paycheck, but also to work alongside you because they believe in the mission and vision of the organization. Not to sound cheesy, but they believe that the organization or product actually has the potential to change the world in a very positive way. People must be driven by a cause, an idea and a belief that if they figure out the solution to a problem, they can literally make an impact in the world.

I believe if we can capture the true essence behind why we do what we do, we can become extremely successful in our lives. I’m not just simply talking about financial success, but I’m talking about finding satisfaction in our work.

Thanks for checking out my blog today. I hope you’ve been encouraged and inspired to find out the why behind the product. If you have any comments or would like to express your thoughts, please feel free to do so below. Have a great day!