Ten Encouraging Tweets from 2014


[vimeo id="118145564"] I love twitter. In fact, I tweet about two or three times a day and follow a number of different people twitter as well.  I like to use my twitter platform to encourage people with some quick leadership ideas or maybe some inspirational quotes. I was scrolling through some of my tweets from last year and came across a few that I’d want to share them with you today. I hope you’ll be encouraged by them.

Here we go:

Number one, Leaders need to lead a life-style of disciplined ‪Self-Awareness. Reflecting on who you are develops who you will become. ‪Leadership

Number two, God is never limited by our limitations. Have passionate ‪Faith to believe and experience His life changing power.

Number three, The most difficult situations of your life have the potential to be your greatest sources of learning.

Number four, Avoid perfectionism but strive for excellence. Nothing will be perfect, but everything you do can be done with excellence.

Number five, If people are telling you that whatever you’re doing is impossible, it's a good sign that you're about to change the world.

Number six, If you're not aspiring to serve, then you shouldn't be aspiring to lead.

Number seven, Confident leaders don't point to their accomplishments; they point to the team that made it happen.

Number eight, The bottom line is that your values will dictate your actions and your actions build your legacy. Be sure to set the right values.

Number nine, Excellence is doing the everyday things in life exceptionally well. We have the power to bring out the extraordinary from the ordinary.

And finally number ten, New opportunities will always come with an element of risk. You can't move into the next phase of life without leaving the familiar.

Thanks for checking out my blog today. I hope these tweets from 2014 have encouraged you today. If you have some tweets that you’d like to share with me, please let me know. You can respond below. Have a great day!