That Burning Desire


[vimeo id="143181304"] Sometimes in leadership we can be shy about letting our enthusiasm show. But we really shouldn’t be. After all, it’s the most passionate leaders that have pioneered the greatest innovations of our time. Now true passion comes from our Divine Design. And really effective leaders will lead from that design and fuel their vision with their God-given passions. Getting excited about God’s plans for your life or your organization is really the best thing you can do as a leader. Here are a few ways passion fuels leadership.

First of all, your passion fuels your progress. The more you get excited about your dream the more you’re invested in it. That zeal motivates you to try out new things and seek out new paths. You want your organization or your vision to continually grow. You may have a few setbacks along the way. But when you catch hold of God’s dreams for your life you’re not afraid to fail every now and then. Your passion is the power behind your innovative drive for continual growth.

Secondly, your desire fuels your dreaming. When you get excited about your vision you believe anything is possible! You expect excellence from yourself and from those around you. You’re willing to boldly live on the cutting-edge and pioneer the next innovation. And that passion is contagious! When other people you see that you are truly invested in your dream, they will partner with you to make it a reality.

Lastly, your excitement will fuel your endurance. Now all of us go through difficult seasons from time to time. It’s just part of life. Sometimes it can seem like everything is going against you. And, you know, it’s easy to get discouraged in those seasons and even want to quit. As a leader, those are the times you need to show your enthusiasm the most. Your passion burns brightest in the darkest times. When people see that you’re still excited about your organization’s vision, they’ll get behind you. Often that alone can shift your organization out of a dry spell.

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